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Título: Empreendedorismo com impacto social e ambiental
Autor(es): Bueno, Stella Rosa
Orientador: Anjos, Mayara Abadia Delfino dos
Palavras-chave: Empreendedorismo;social;Ambiental
Data do documento: 5-Nov-2019
Resumo: The purpose of this article is to analyze and encourage the action of social and environmental sustainability in business and daily life. The study was prepared through research and websites that provided the information needed to make a thorough study on the subject. The company studied, Natura, provides the public with information about its methods and results over the years that have made it possible to study the perspectives of the impacts that social and environmental sustainability has on people around them and around the world. The results obtained perform well and show concern in all social areas regarding the range of employees and consumers. In accordance with the concern for sustainability, it seeks to reduce environmental impacts through awareness campaigns, thus changing the way the company itself makes its products available. The study shows that companies that target the social and environmental area are doing better in the world economic market. This is evidenced by demonstrating concerns that foster population well-being, proposing an awareness of both companies and consumers, in order not only to seek the entrepreneurial side, but also to solve problems and find new alternatives for comfort. This is only possible through social programs to improve people's lives, solve problems and maintain a healthy environment with less pollution and a rich and productive nature.
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